The "Resist" Embossed Leather Keychain

The "Resist" Embossed Leather Keychain


A series of keychains with messages of Indigenous resistance embossed on genuine leather offcuts. Polished steel keyring and carabiner clip included. Created in collaboration with Katie Garnham.

Indigenous decolonization is a process that Indigenous people who've been grossly affected by colonial expansion, genocide and cultural assimilation may go through by reinstating indigenous frameworks of thought, understanding the history of their colonization, and rediscovering their ancestral traditions and cultural values while considering the future simultaneously. "Resist" is in reference to the resistance of Indigenous peoples against the lasting and ongoing effects of colonialism.  

Hand embossed genuine leather keychain.

Polished steel carabiner clip and keyring included

Available in Black or Beige leather. 

Piece measures 3" L x 1.25" W (Exclusive of hardware)

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