The Census Print Darted Skirt

The Census Print Darted Skirt


The Census Print Darted Skirt is cut from one piece of fabric and darted throughout to create a figure skimming shape. Using this technique maintains the layout of the print from every angle, creating a seamless look. 

The Census Print originates from a 1916 Canadian Census document wherein Ducharme's maternal great-grandfather, James Lavallee, is listed with a "French" racial origin, which was later scratched out and replaced with an "Indian" tribal origin. This speaks to the Metis Nation's ongoing identity struggle and fight for recognition of their rights as Indigenous peoples. The Metis are a post-contact Indigenous nation descended from European settlers and Indigenous peoples. 

Custom print, exclusive to the EVAN DUCHARME STUDIO.

Unique, all-in-one cutting technique with dart shaping throughout.

Layered kick-pleat at back for ease of movement.

Available in Sizes XS-XL (Layout of print will differ depending on size.)

Only available in Black.

Models wear Size S.

Dry Clean.

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