HIRAETH is a return to the practice of storytelling through the fashion medium, with references to Ducharme’s ancestral history, Metis folklore, traditional and contemporary Metis dance, and the joyful longing for a time and place that no longer exists.

Examining the concepts of memory and longing explored in HIRAETH, Ducharme looks to his traditional territory, namely the Delta Marsh Watershed, as a location that encapsulates the passage of time, change, loss, joy, and connection to traditional knowledges routed in place.

HIRAETH aims to further affirm Ducharme’s contemporary perspective on Indigenous design. A soft palette in hues of slate blue, dove grey, and rich camel are pulled from the natural landscape of Ducharme’s home territory; balanced with classic black and white. Lightweight textiles such as crepe, silk cotton, and mirror silk charmeuse are juxtaposed by pragmatic wool twill, cotton canvas, and jersey knits, exemplifying the heightened utilitarian look that has become Ducharme’s signature.